Euforia Project - European Community for Iter Applications

User support in EUFORIA

The focus of EUFORIA is Grid and HPC computing for the European Fusion community. We have active programs to port and optimise fusion codes to both environments, and to enable multiple codes to co-operate and run together, providing enhanced fusion simulations. However, the ultimate aim is to provide fusion scientists, or fusion code users, with codes that can be easily run on Grid and HPC platforms. Therefore, it is important to provide support for users who are trying to run programs on the EUFORIA infrastructure or to port codes to such environments.

User support is managed through work package SA3, co-ordinated by EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. Support is provided through a web interface and query system which allows anyone to request help or report a problem using e-mail, or a web form. More information and the web form for submitting queries is available at:

We encourage anyone who was problems or queries within EUFORIA or using EUFORIA infrastructure to e-mail the support e-mail address ( and we will endeavour to help in any way we can.