Euforia Project - European Community for Iter Applications

Deliverables 2008:

- Report on the description of  sequential codes as well as priorisation of the list of codes for porting to the grid.

- Report on the codes ported to the grid

Publication of scientific results of sequential codes

Parallelization/optimisation management report for first set of  codes

- Java API for Glite

- Java API for HPC

- Registration and helpdesk system architecture

Post-processing visualization

- Dissemination Plan

- Project website

- Progress dissemination report

- Deployment  of testbed and operational infrastructure

- Programming Environment

Deliverables 2009:

Maintenance, running and query answering for the registration and helpdesk

Status report on the requests and use of fusion production cycles for applications

Run time access provided to supercomputers at CSC, BSC, and UEDIN.

EUFORIA grid appliance

EUFORIA grid infrastructure status report on production capabilities

Web site project

Companion guides

Training material development / EUFORIA training programme

Visualization tool for multidimensional data sets

A lossy compression tool for multidimensional large data sets

Integrating visualization tools and actors into Kepler

HPC Resource Scheduler

Extension of the UAL API for HPC infrastructure

EGEE Scheduler

Extension of the UAL API for grid infrastructure

Establishing a complex workflow in a single HPC

Parallelization/Optimization management report for second set of codes

Report on the possible complex workflows using grid codes

Interim report of a complex workflow running on EUFORIA infrastructure