Euforia Project - European Community for Iter Applications


Grid Infrastructure Deployment and Operation

The objective of this activity is to provide an advanced Grid empowered infrastructure for scientific computing targeted to support the fusion activities in the European Research Area. The project will integrate distributed computing resources into a coherent Grid service enabling fusion researchers to embrace new scientific challenges. The Grid Infrastructure Operations activity aims to deploy, integrate, maintain and operate this large distributed Grid computing infrastructure.

SA1 Objectives

* Deploy, maintain and operate the central services necessary to ensure the integration of the computing resources into a production Grid infrastructure capable of supporting serial and parallel applications

* Coordinate the deployment, maintenance and operation of the Grid resources provided by the participating sites ensuring a robust, secure and dependable service

* Provide support for Virtual Organizations and resource providers thus helping end-users, VO managers and site managers to achieve their goals and contribute to a successful usage of the infrastructure.

The context of this project relies on the consolidation of a Grid-based research space across Europe. The infrastructure will be compatible with EGEE middleware services contributing to the standardization of the Grid middleware and consolidation of the e-Infrastructures in Europe. For this purpose the project will follow the recommendations of international bodies such as e-IRG (e-Infrastructure Reflection Group) and GGF (Global Grid Forum).

HPC Infrastructure

The code developers within JRA2 are focused on optimizing codes from within the plasmafusion community. In order for the optimization work to function properly the code developers and scientists must have access to suitable computers for testing, debugging, and running. In addition, feasibility tests and real production runs from scientists will require supercomputer access.

The main target of SA2 is therefore to secure access for the code developers and scientists to HPC facilities and customer services at a range of supercomputer centres (That is, CSC in Helsinki, BSC in Barcelona and EPCC(UEDIN) in Edinburgh).

SA2 Objectives

* To provide [HPC] infrastructure support for the code optimization effort within JRA2

* To provide run time access to supercomputers for feasibility tests for the HPC codes within the code platform